lunes, mayo 16, 2011

As I Fall

Two steps from the edge,
I don't hear the voices of consciousness.
Only one long deep breath,
and your pale face is now a thin whisper.

Time holds on the air,
waiting for the last drop of my decision.
Once they were childish tears,
today they're the echoes of this, my story.

Questions end here now,
but I couldn't ask you why did you leave.
My dreams were stolen,
when you refused to live them running away.

Buildings are fading,
the dark street approaching my sad head.
Hours will be gone soon,
the wind wraps my bones in a last tremble.

Can't look back. Can´t say no.
The abysmal tomb swallows my flesh.

And I sing your name
as my eyes close for good.
No more pain at night,
no more tears for the moon.
If people ask for a reason,
don't confess it was you.

Let my heart stop,
let my lips die.
If there is no you,
then there is no life.

by Arkänus

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