lunes, noviembre 01, 2010

4 U...


In silence I hear the air,

I feel a freezing sight.

I write your name again.

I eat the eternal night.

Singing a dying shadow

and looking at the cry

dancing in my memory,

chasing our dead lies.

A terrible sound

like sweet bleeding tears

takes me to graves

where I smell our fears.

Those noises as sharp

as the words you told me

are climbing from

my past desire to be.

Grey is the colour

of the eyes you left behind.

Darkness is the flavour

of the song in my mind.

In the fog I see you

walking through cold flames.

In the mist I crawl

sighing your name.

I do not know where

I do not know how

I am drawing this letter

making me ache and bow.

They say our pain is fool,

they say our tears are useless.

But without my heart

I fall hurt and hopeless.

Just a try I asked,

just a kiss not to die.

Just one moment

to give you my life.

Your voice in my poems

will never leave,

your ghost in my head

I will never set free.

I stand in front

of my windowpane,

looking for something,

someone I can blame.

The white warm clouds

coming out of my chest

are filling the dark corners

dressed by an umbra nest.

I wait in this room

timeless as your smiles,

breathing my melancholy,

hoping I could die.

Under this crying moon

its silhouette, its view,

under this weeping night

I swear I love you...

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Vissna Själ dijo...

prefiero no preguntar a quien va dirigido eso xq... no se para quien fue D:
en fin, de todas maneras está hermoso :) u.u algo triste pero hermoso

Vissna Själ dijo...

¬¬ nunca comentaste mi dibujo D:

Arkänus dijo...

Para alguien de hace mucho tiempo. Filete que te haya gustado.